Three Austrian Universities of Technology - One Force - United Through Excellence


In 2010 the Vienna University of Technology, the Graz University of Technology, and the Montanuniversitaet Leoben founded the "TU Austria", producing an association in the field of science and engineering with more than 42.000 students, 460 million euros total assests and 8.800 employees.


NEWS | TU Wien | 14.07.2015

Smooth videos from airborne TV-cameras

TU Wien and the company Dynamic Perspective develop an advanced camera suspension system, actively controlled to deliver pin sharp videos from dynamic aerial viewpoints.

NEWS | TU Wien | 10.07.2015

The quantum physics of artificial light harvesting

How molecular vibrations make photosynthesis efficient

NEWS | TU Wien | 28.04.2015

New material for creating artificial blood vessels

TU Wien and MedUni Vienna have developed artificial blood vessels, which are broken down by the body and replaced with its own tissue.

NEWS | TU Wien | 27.04.2015

Is the Universe a Hologram?

Describing the universe requires fewer dimensions than we might think. New calculations show that this may not just be a mathematical trick, but a fundamental feature of space itself.

NEWS | TU Wien | 18.02.2015

Igniting the Air for Atmospheric Research

Scientists from Vienna and Moscow have created a high-energy mid-infrared laser powerful enough to create shining filaments in the air. Such devices could be used to detect chemical substances in the atmosphere.

NEWS | TU Wien | 15.01.2015

Huge 3D Displays without 3D Glasses

A new invention opens the door to a new generation of outdoor displays. Different pictures can be seen at different angles, creating 3D effects without the need for 3D glasses.

NEWS | TU Wien | 15.01.2015

Race of the Electrons

Laser pulses can be used to track the motion of electrons in metals with attosecond precision. This helps to understand and possibly improve important electronic effects.

NEWS | TU Wien | 11.11.2014

Creating Bright X-Ray Pulses in the Laser Lab

A newly developed laser system allows scientists at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) to create high flux X-rays.

NEWS | TU Wien | 25.11.2014

TU Wien opens Austria's first 'energy-plus' office building

The 'Plus-Energie-Bürohochhaus' (Energy-plus office tower) is the first office tower in the world to be able to claim to feed more energy into the power grid than is required to operate AND use the building. Innovation Minister...

NEWS | TU Wien | 03.11.2014

Two Photons Strongly Coupled by Glass Fibre

At the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), two photons were made to interact strongly using an ultra-thin glass fibre. This technique is an important new tool for quantum technology.