Three Austrian Universities of Technology - One Force - United Through Excellence


In 2010 the Vienna University of Technology, the Graz University of Technology, and the Montanuniversitaet Leoben founded the "TU Austria", producing an association in the field of science and engineering with more than 43.000 students, 460 million euros total assests and 8.600 employees.


NEWS | TU Wien | 09.04.2014

Tiny Step Edges, Big Step for Surface Science

Experiments at the Vienna University of Technology can explain the behaviour of electrons at tiny step edges on titanium oxide surfaces. This is important for solar cell technology and novel, more effective catalysts.

NEWS | TU Wien | 18.03.2014

High-Strengh Materials from the Pressure Cooker

A Surprise in Materials Chemistry: At Vienna University of Technology, materials for lightweight construction, protective clothing or sports equipment can be produced at high temperatures and high pressures. This process is...

NEWS | TU Wien | 10.03.2014

Atomically Thin Solar Cells

Ultrathin layers made of Tungsten and Selenium have been created at the Vienna University of Technology. Experiments show that they may be used as flexible, semi-transparent solar cells.

NEWS | TU Wien | 04.03.2014

Electronics Based on a Two Dimensional Electron Gas

A new material could open the door to a new kind of electronics: researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have created a stable two-dimensional electron gas in strontium titanate.

NEWS | TU Wien | 04.02.2014

Patterns of particles generated by surface charges

Disorder turns into order: scientists at the Vienna University of Technology can show how intricate structures can emerge from inhomogeneously charged particles.

NEWS | TU Wien | 30.10.2013

The World’s Most Powerful Terahertz Quantum Cascade Laser

Whether it is diagnostic imaging, analysis of unknown substances or ultrafast communication – terahertz radiation sources are becoming more and more important. At the Vienna University of Technology, an important breakthrough has...

NEWS | TU Wien | 24.09.2013

New Device to Revolutionize Gaming in Virtual Realities

How is it possible to walk through 3D virtual realities while staying in one place? Engineers from the Vienna University of Technology have solved this problem and are now introducing their “Virtualizer”.

NEWS | TU Wien | 09.09.2013

Quantum Temperature

Scientists at the Vienna University of Technology manage to study the physics that connect the classical the quantum world.

NEWS | TU Wien | 30.08.2013

A completely new atomic crystal dynamic of the white pigment titanium dioxide discovered

An international team of researchers at Vienna University of Technology in Austria and at Princeton University in the USA has confirmed theoretically-predicted interactions between single oxygen molecules and crystalline titanium...

NEWS | TU Wien | 15.07.2013

Taking the “Random” out of a Random Laser

Random Lasers are tiny structures emitting light irregularly into different directions. Scientists at the Vienna University of Technology have now shown that these exotic light sources can be accurately controlled.